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      This is not anything new and there are other versions of it out there but I first learned it from my Dad who used to teach it to other people when he was a leadership consultant. It is to always remember that your circle of influence is much smaller and lives within your circle of concern. This offers a way to cut through all the bull in life and focus on your own reasoned choice. I wouldn’t modify the basic advice given but maybe add a little more Stoic flare to it since the Stoics talk a lot about this concept.

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      Over the years I have had many snippets of advice, but 2 stick out and are very helpful.
      1. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
      2. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that proportion.
      Any ‘junction’ in my life I have used point 1, preparing for a worst case scenario takes the edge off any disappointment and doubles the joy of any success.
      Point 2 was something I learned when I was younger, sometimes it’s better to shut up and listen.

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