Our History

After broaching so many different topics on The Grimerica Show, we noticed a spiritual theme running through many of them. Self awareness, authenticity and honesty. As men in this digital age, how do we approach that? We no longer have initiations into manhood, some of us don’t have masculine role models, and we are addicted to our black mirrors and sometimes false perceptions in the digital worlds.

We thought about all these amazing guests and how much work they have done, on themselves and to help others. What if we could ask them all these deep questions? And the same questions, for the most part. How would they all answer?

Would this help people? Could listeners then get people they know to participate. Maybe their heroes, dads, uncles or grandpas whose stories might help thousands of people…. Could we kinda open source it?

Thus was birthed 13 Questions Podcast. Helping males become men in this challenging digital age.


Darren Grimes

Darren Grimes spent his formative years raised by his mother in Northern Ontario Canada. Darren spent his early adulthood working in the steel industry, eventually landing him in Calgary Alberta. During this time Darren and friend Graham Dunlop started The Grimerica Podcast, an interview podcast about all the things they and their podcast community find interesting in the world, which helped lead him to many, many rabbit holes. Today Darren raises two young daughters in Alberta, Canada, working as a podcast host, author and entrepreneur. Darren spends a lot of time with his family and hunting and fishing.. His skeptical approach to the phenomena investigated on The Grimerica Show is tempered by his libertarian leanings, though this combination frequently leads him to crush the dreams of anyone looking for a high-rated synchronicity.

Working in high steel construction has given him the privilege of having a bird’s-eye perspective on a variety of subject matter, both literally and figuratively. His avoidance of cameras has nothing to do with paranoia, taking his picture will, very literally, steal his soul. Someday, Darren hopes to bust a few caps in Sasquatch, while he has more than a few caps swirling around in his own head. He is not as clean and sober as Graham.


Graham Dunlop

Graham’s primary passions are podcasting, researching, and helping others. Obsessed with learning and self-improvement, Graham and Darren started The Grimerica Podcast in 2013. Their show has continued to grow into a sizable and loving community. Most recently he’s pursued a spin-off podcast, Grimerica Outlawed, and has narrated various audiobooks.

A fast-paced life of corporate ladder climbing and competitive sports eventually took its toll, and Graham got completely clean and sober in 2008. Every year since then has been an escalating pursuit into the esoteric, occult, and spiritual arenas. Somewhere along the way he found time to travel around the world, become a Reiki master, get certified in Addiction Studies, facilitate Buddhist meditative recovery meetings, coach hockey, and lead numerous CE-5 expeditions (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind). His journey has been one of achievement and compassion. Other professional management experiences includes Operations Manager at Premsteel Fabricators and several director positions with ACRO Aerospace: Director of Business Excellence, Director of Technical Services, and Director of Purchasing. However Graham’s current focus is on raising his awareness, and enjoying living outside the city with the love of his life, Marija. In what spare time he has, he makes his mark in the imagination of others with the unparalleled skill of Dungeon Master Supreme.


Adam Loyal

Adam started listening to Podcasts before the name was coined. He was hooked immediately and attended broadcasting school in South Florida, which landed him his first job as a radio traffic producer in the audio production industry. From there, he went on to remote radio gigs. These gigs were the beginning of a recurring schedule that persists today: recording at night, listening during the day.

Adam was sucked further into the rabbit hole of podcasting after hearing Lynne McTaggart on AM radio and subsequently reading her book ‘The Field.’ It drove him to seek more interviews in such a format which led to his discovery of ‘The Micah Hanks Program.’ In a series of synchronicities he met Micah along with Graham and Darren of the ‘Grimerica Show’ Podcast; The progenitor podcast to 13 questions.

Darren started ‘13 Questions’ as a side program of The Grimerica Show. However, both continued to grow eventually to where Adam’s knowledge, talent, and interest allowed him to jump into 13 Questions as host and producer. So far, it has been, according to Adam, ‘a crazy joyride that keeps evolving’.

Was it mere coincidence or the synchronicity of the universe? That remains a mystery. A mystery that might be solved through time – 13 questions at a time.

Adam is currently Host/Co-Host two podcasts, 13 Questions Podcast and Cat In The Box.



Growing up, and observing those around him, Bill has always asked one question, “How can I help?” At first he started asking his parents and as he grew older this desire to serve extended to his teachers, classmates and friends. At the age of 21 he felt the need to explore the possibility of leading a religious life and decided to join an Order in the Roman Catholic Church called The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. After a period of intense discernment and many deep conversations, he decided that life in a religious congregation wasn’t in the cards for him.

Upon returning home, he finished college with a BA in Philosophy, got married and then quickly divorced which left him questioning everything he thought he knew and searching for answers everywhere. After a while, he discovered The Grimerica Show and grew to be part of their community of listeners and supporters. He joined a book club session that Darren coordinated with some other members of the listening community. Shortly thereafter, Bill connected with an extraordinary woman in the Grimerica chats and after a series of ridiculously synchronistic events, they met, fell in love and have been inseparable ever since.

During the turbulence of 2020, Darren asked the community if there was anyone who would want to help host 13 Questions. Bill jumped at the opportunity and after a short phone call with Darren and a quick introduction to Adam Loyal, he hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. He is grateful for this unique way to serve his fellow humans.

Bill makes his 13 Questions Podcast debut on episode 038.


Tune In!